Smoke Ship

Hey guys, I want to share this personal project, I just select a free copyright video on “pexel” site and I decide to integrate a smoke simulation. I did all the process, tracking, modeling, simulation fx and composition.

Tracking Process

For the tracking I used the PFtrack to get the camera movement and I positioned some tall marker objects in some specific points to help me visualize the ship, or at least important parts of it. Then I exported the camera and the tall objects to Maya and I modeled a base mesh using this points as a guide. I used this base mesh to collide my smoke and render a shadow pass as well. I also used the sequence of images to project in the texture just to see if my mesh was match with the ship.


For simulation I used houdini indie, my idea was create a big smoke as you can see bellow (ref), but this first study I decided to go with some small sim to see if the scene would work fine. Now I’m working on to improve this simulation, I’m creating a slightly larger simulation to achieve a result more similar to the reference. I’m rendering with Redshift 3D.

Updated Sim:



Houdini Indie, Redshift, PF Track, Maya, Nuke