Old animations

I will post here some old animations just for nostalgia, because some of it have 10 years old or even more.

Scared Ball (on top)

This one for example I was using the Softimage XSI to animate, one of the firsts animation I did when I start studying animation in Melies School. I remember to animate this one in 2009, but I only post on Vimeo in 2011.

Ballet Cliché

Just a cliche body mechanics exercise started in mid-2012, this one I already migrated from XSI to Maya.

Vivo – Mobile Company in Brazil

Okay, this one I finished and it’s not just a study, it was made for a mobile company in Brazil called “Vivo” in 2011 as a work for Digital 21 Studio. I will post here because it is also nostalgic for me. At that time I worked at Digital 21 for a few months and we did many, many animations of this company with this character who is the mascot. Very cool remember this.. in fact if you ask an artist in Brazil, if he has already animated this character, he will probably say yes 😀

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