Rodrigo de Angelis

FX Artist, VFX Supervisor, 3D Generalist
São Paulo, Brazil

About me

My name is Rodrigo de Angelis, 34 years old, I’ve been work in the area of ​​Animation and VFX at 12 years, I have among my works projects for Cinema, Television, Advertising and Games. Since the beginning of my career I have been focused on character animation, but over the years I have been improving skills in all stages of production, occupying a position of 3D Generalist.

I’m participated in projects as either fixed or freelance in the main studies of CG of São Paulo like Tribbo Post, Digital 21, Boson Post, Nomad Animation, Mistika Post, Mosh Studios, Zombie Studio, Mol Studio, Mad FX, Hogarth Brazil among others.

From 2017 to the present in addition to the 3D projects, I’m worked extensively on Tracking and Nuke Composition projects, including many studio and external recordings, as a VFX Supervisor, tracking points and assisting directors in scenes with great interaction of CG in the post- production.


Software Proficiency


  • 2021 – Movie – Detetives do Predio Azul 3
  • 2020 – Serie – Spectros Netflix
  • 2019 – Movie – Boca de Ouro
  • 2019 – TV Production – Jezabel
  • 2018 – Movie – Exterminadores do Além
  • 2014 – Documentary – A Valsa do Pódio
  • 2011 – Documentary – Quebrando o Taboo (Breaking the Taboo)